Bay Area Healthy 880 Community's Goals

  • Identify sources of pollution within the area of San Leandro, and East and South of HWY 880 corridor
  • Educate all members of the community about pollution problems impacting the community
  • Help make local businesses and industries "Greener"
  • Organize residents to join the campaign
  • Change government and industrial policies and practices to become more environmentally just

Our History

Our formation can be traced back four years ago when the City of Alameda was considering building a garbage gasification plant that they claimed would have no pollution and could generate energy, but they targeted a San Leandro neighborhood with mostly low-income, immigrant families. We worked with Greenaction and Alameda and Oakland allies to defeat this plant because we discovered that it was an incinerator with toxic emissions. Our campaign involved receiving technical information from Greenaction, building alliances, educating the community and our local elected officials, mobilizing media outlets, and vowing an all-out campaign effort to stop the project. Our success inspired us to see the need for establishing a group like HSLEC so that we can have an informed, active, and effective organization to act as a watchdog and advocate for environmental health and justice in our community.

Our work is extremely important and precedent-setting as we are the first San Leandro grassroots environmental health and justice community organization ever to be formed - a very important development due to the multiple pollution sources in San Leandro. Many "dirty" industries have been able to move into San Leandro and operate for years without much scrutiny, environmental review, regulatory oversight, enforcement, or community awareness.

Our Partners

HSLEC partners with coalitions and organizations in the SF Bay Area to expand its environmental justice work through its membership in the Ditching Dirty Diesel Collaborative, the Environmental Justice Air Quality Coalition (EJAQC), and Bay Area Environmental Health Collaborative (BAEHC) organizations. These collaboratives are working for the adoption of specific measures to protect public health in communities heavily impacted by air pollution. The diverse membership includes community representatives, environmental health and justice advocates, scientific and technical experts, and public health professionals.

Contact Us

Wafaa Aborashed, Executive Director
Bay Area Healthy 880 Communities
Davis Street Family Resource Center
3081 Teagarden Street
San Leandro, Ca. 94577  (map)

Phone: 510.347.4620 ext. 124


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